Sales go up and down, service stays forever

“Don’t build links. Build relationships.” - Rand Fishkin

The format on how we do business is changing. We now have to be as present online as we are offline. The game is changing but what remains is the way to do good business, you need to build good relationships.

Before online business, entrepreneurs relied on their patrons for repeat purchase and to get the word around. These patrons didn’t become their fans overnight. Entrepreneurs had to build relationships with them. The same applies to online business. It’s best to focus on the relationships you are building rather than paying attention on how many clicks you are getting.

Even if we don’t actually see who our customers are, it’s important to get to know them. Engage with them and build relationships with them. This is how we build a successful business. Start with building lasting relationships with your customers, then you will see your business becoming successful. The links and numbers will naturally follow. It’s more important to engage and to connect with your target customers rather than focusing on how to make a sale. This ties in to a very basic business rule, CRM. Customer Relationship Management in simple terms, is a company understanding the views of consumers and further executing on trying to meet consumers's expectations and developing better customer relationships.

It might be a generic line of theory, but it still works like a charm.

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