Stop chasing money, start chasing passion

We all have one life, and either you chase your dreams, or you start that "business" because you heard your friends making good money. If you do something just for money, you'll always fail, because there will always be people who have a 10x competitive advantage over you just because they're driven to achieve more than a monetary value.

Becoming a millionaire is not as important as becoming the person you become in the process of becoming a millionaire. If you take the money away from a true millionaire, it doesn’t matter so much, because they will find a way to make the money back. What you have to understand is the mindset of a millionaire, and you can't buy that.

We all have that 10x competitive advantage, but its not necessarily in the field where you see the most money. The thing is, there will always be people in an industry who are doing something because its cool, fun or easy, and if you are truly passionate about something, there is no way they have it better than you in the long run. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or startup founder in 2017, but there are only so many people who truly have the skills and vision to make it despite the circumstances.

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