Success loves speed

This is a universal truth, success - in all areas of life - loves speed.
Whether its about getting that investment property or tickets for a game, nobody ever won reaching last. And the same rule applies to business as well, lets break it down.
Here are some reasons why action begets results:

1. When you plan too much, there's a tendency to think of one reason after another why what you're contemplating won't work. - many of these might be justified, but it DOES NOT MATTER. As you move forward, circumstances continually change - which might often render those concerns irrelevant.

2. You lose your enthusiasm thanks to procrastination. - This fuels the path to homeostasis, which can often stifle your creative gear and resourcefulness.

3. You don't have forever - and this is the most important reason.

Moving fast might hurt you a little in the short term, but what you gain from moving faster than the market and the competition far outweighs any losses that result from lesser planning.

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