The candor effect

"Lack of candor is the biggest dirty little secret in business. " - Jack Welch

Lack of candor in business is how majority people don't express themselves with frankness. They don't communicate straightforwardly or put forth ideas looking to stimulate real debate, and they withhold comments/criticism. Now this doesn't mean one has to be 100% transparent, since that is virtually impossible. However, a healthy incorporation of candor in a company's culture can yield huge long term benefits:

1. Candor gets more people involved in a conversation, which inherently makes you idea rich that can be discussed and improved. Any business that involves more people and minds in a conversation has an immediate advantage.
2. Candor generates speed. When ideas are in everyone's face, they can be rapidly debated, expanded, enhanced and acted upon. And such an advantage is a necessity in a global marketplace that allows a small team from Mumbai to eventually dominate a global market.
3. Candor cuts costs. For eg. It eliminates meaningless meetings, reports and dressed up numbers and increases real discussions and strategies.

This strategy might be difficult to implement, but its a blessing for the entire system.

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