Own the game

Every person holding a smartphone is on your marketing team. Empower them to share visual content about your brand.

With an ever increasing number of active social media users and influencers, there’s still an abundance of untapped potential. And the best part is that to take advantage of this, you don’t need big bucks. Anyone and everyone with a smartphone can essentially take their marketing game to a whole new level.

Every person with even just 200 followers that shares your content, is an opportunity for 200 new people to discover you. And even if you just get 2 followers from those 200, they’re still 2 more than what you had. Every ocean is made up of tiny drops, and realizing that can go a long way.

Better yet, get other people to actually create content about your product and share with their audiences. The only cost you’d bear is of shipping a unit of your product to that user for free. If you can get 2 followers from investing $10-15, its still a better ROI than your average marketing tactics.

So think about it, and make it happen. Own the game.

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