Transparency is prime

Transparency is pivotal when trying to establish any form of trust & rapport. Whether its internally with employees, or externally with customers, transparency will ALWAYS make it much easier to develop that relationship

Transparency is teamwork, from CEO down, transparency should be a two-way street. The only way you can incorporate this in the entire company is by shifting the focus from individual transparency to the entire company. 

Transparency also often involves candor, but the key to ensuring that the two reside in tandem is to make sure that every critique can be backed up by a suggestion. This balances the flow of work when problem solving.

Communication is another key factor to ensure transparency, effective communication of a company’s goals & vision can help employees understand the bigger picture. Lastly, as a business owner, it is vital to make yourself available. If done right, employee morale & productivity can see major boosts because of transparency.

Theoretically, everything above is great, but practically, it comes down to the responsibility and effort that is made to actually accomplish these seemingly simple steps.

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