Mobile First

Today most retailers provide a mobile version of their website and sales have grown exponentially. Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce said that by the 2018 holiday season, for the first time ever, 46 percent of all orders will come from smartphones. “That's more traffic from a smartphone than all the devices in 2015,” he said. “In three years, the center of gravity has shifted to this.”

He forecast that in five years, 80 percent of all traffic and revenue will be mobile. “This is a global phenomenon,” he said. The rapid rise has created a subset of digital natives with certain expectations. “They want things fast, to them there's no ‘We're not available on weekends”. Sixty-six percent of respondents said on-demand engagement is very important to them, with agents able to answer queries and problems in real time. This means that retailers need to be present on these channels—in 2018 there was more time spent on messaging apps than social media, totaling more than a billion users.

Therefore, it’s paramount to focus on making your website/service more mobile friendly in this hyper connected world.

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