Find your white space

Every industry has a marketing "white space". A space which hasn't been tapped by the big runners, a space that is underestimated by the side runners. Identifying and exploiting this white space to your advantage is like oxygen for your fire.

Business is a game of chess, and to win, you always need to think 10 steps ahead. This could even be specific by area or region. If your product / service is location specific, then it is actually easier to figure out those resources that others aren't really utilizing. From a particular social media app that might be popular in your area to relatively cheap advertising on popular radio shows, you have to figure out what works best for you, and then execute.

Following in others footsteps can only get you as far as it already did the rest. Market analysis and research is essential for every growing business, and correctly understanding the potential of advertising and marketing in your white space is key to building your brand.

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