Hard or soft?

What is more important ? Hard skills / soft skills ?

Hard skills is logical intelligence. Things you can learn and acquire over time. It’s what they teach you in school and college. The latter is emotional intelligence, people management and leadership qualities. These aren’t taught, they’re developed. The thing is, neither works without the other.

All talk no work and all work no talk is a formula for failure. Just as a potter needs soft ways to mould the clay and hard ways to fire it, businesses need leaders who can lead by ideals and by example.

There is no right proportion for the two, everyone is unique in their own way. Steve Jobs was 70 talk & 30 work, Steve Wozniak was 90 work & 10 talk, but if it wasn’t for those two people, we would all probably believe that apples are only to be eaten.

This isn’t something that stays static. As you develop and grow over the years, so does your personality. Allow yourself to be dynamic and make sure you do what’s the best for YOU.

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