New Metrics

The most obvious way one tracks their website performance is by No. of Views. Yes, no. of views does matter and increasing no. of website views is an indicator of your company’s performance. However, it’s a metric that is highly independent and does not take into account many of the other factors affecting a business. It’s the equivalent of say, just using a country’s GDP value to measure its economic performance.


What does no. of views indicate?

The people that love your brand, hate your brand, visited your site by mistake and everyone else in between. Thus, making this arbitrary value highly ineffective. Here are 3 better ways to measure and track your performance:


a. Conversion Rates - A conversion rate is the rate at which people take a desired action on your site. This metric can give you great insight into how effective your website is at getting a customer to engage in a particular action. Usually, this is either generating a lead or making a sale. You can also take specific pages and see which ones convert best. You could use this information to clean up the underperforming ones, and take lessons from the top performing ones. Another great metric is tracking the conversion rate by source. How well are you converting with social traffic, search engines, word of mouth or other websites? How well are you converting on mobile versus desktop traffic? What about by age or other demographics of the people visiting the site? The conversion rate gives you all this data.

b. Bounce Rates - The bounce rate is simply the rate of people who visit your site and leave after only viewing one page. While this measurement is simple and very broad, it does an accurate job of telling you when a page isn't giving you what visitors want. You can quickly identify pages with high or low bounce rates, which is valuable information.

c.  Session Durations - Session duration tells you how long someone stayed on the page before navigating away. This number is tricky too, because each page is different in function. For example, people often stay much longer on a blog post than your homepage, as homepages are generally designed to send people deeper into your website.


Therefore, if you use these 3 metrics, it shall give you a much clearer and accurate picture of your performance and you could see how to improve on the same.

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