Make money your servant

"If you can't make money while you sleep, you'll be working till you die" - Warren Buffett

There is more truth in that line than one would like to admit. 99% of the people today work for money, only 1% of the people have managed to make money work for them. Why do you think that the top 1% of the world's population controls over 60% of the wealth ? Its not because they are privileged, its because they understand the fundamentals of making money. You see money just likes to make money, it doesn't care or stop for fair and unfair, and if you can leverage that attribute and use it to your advantage, money will be working for you.

The first step into making money your servant is called financial literacy. Now most individuals gladly assume that what they know is enough for their lifestyle and they dont need to know more; which is fine if you want to continue doing the same thing, but those who really want to benefit should always be looking to increase their knowledge.

If you can understand basic concepts of exponential compounding and the value of time, you can truly see the potential of money anyone can create. Make the effort, educate yourself, save your money, and invest your money to make you more money.

"If you really want to make wealth, dont save whats left after spending, spend whats left after saving"

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