The trick here is to know what to outsource and what not to outsource. As every company grows, there comes a point when one has to consider outsourcing certain tasks. Now the mistake most people make here is that they’re asking the wrong question. They’re more focused on “Can I do it better myself?” than “Should I do it myself?”

The question that then arises is, how can you decide whether a task needs to be done in house or if it can be outsourced. Look at it in this way, classify your process into strategic and tactical steps. A strategic step is one that is critical to the product/service you’re offering. It’s the problem solving and the proprietary part that sets you apart from others. Tactical steps are just those that might aid in delivering a more wholesome/finished offering. For example, Apple might design and manufacture the main body/chassis for their products in house, however decide to outsource the manufacturing of some of their other components.

If you can demarcate the tactical step into a clear repeatable process, that signifies that it can easily be tracked and checked off. Hence, it can be outsourced.

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