Surround yourself with smarter people

Every boss will at some point come across subordinates smarter than themselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t capable to lead them. Not being the smartest person in the room is more of an advantage than one may think. However smart you may be, there will always be someone smarter than you, and the best thing to do is to accept it and surround yourself with such people.

Day in day out, when you communicate and interact with these people, you’re evolving as a person. We’ve all seen how much of a difference a person’s company can make in life. And there’s nothing better than to surround yourselves with those better than you. Jack Welch is considered to have one of the smartest business mindsets out there. Ironically, he often publicly stated that even when he became CEO, he knew there were people smarter than him. And the best way to deal with them was to learn from them.

Don’t be afraid to not be the smartest person, there will always be someone smarter. Use that to your advantage.

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