Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is supposed to deliver flexibility, efficiency and, above all, speed. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a speedy supply chain.

Having an excess of partners can make it difficult to work effectively with any of them. While getting the lowest cost from your suppliers is important, it may be even more important to invest effort and money into having good relationships with your vendors. Better customer service, smoother operations and happier employees can result from seeing that vendors are paid on time and knowing they can rely on you for accurate information.

Further, the old way of separating manufacturing from marketing and shipping from accounting doesn't work well when you're operating a global supply chain in the 21st century. Isolated organizations can't collaborate on supply chain management as efficiently as networked organizations. Streamlining your global supply chain means more than getting products through production and into distribution as fast as possible. Supply chain processes should be optimized and automation used when possible all the way from manufacturing through customer returns. In today’s time, transparency is also important and can help improve a supply chain’s efficiency.

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