Personal Brand

Promoting oneself doesn’t mean extensively highlighting traits but creating a personal brand by exhibiting diligence, skills and traits that align with and enhance the work culture. An employer’s identity also reinforces brand credibility in the talent market, where the employees’ productivity is directly proportionate to the recognition they receive for the work.

A brand’s credibility majorly depends on how well the leader is known and how much trust has he earned in the circle over the years. For outsiders and employees, an entrepreneur needs to be transparent enough about his ways and values to be trusted. As recognized the entrepreneur is in the ecosystem, as are the better chances for his company to be acknowledged for prospective projects. Self-promotion is another way of building the trust of employees and potential investors in the organization. The ambitious employees are always in for more learning and who can be a better mentor than a well-known manager.

While self-promotion is imperative for every entrepreneur for establishing an identity for him, not going over the board is equally important. From the employees’ perspective, people like to work for those who have a plan, direction and have self-belief but hate those who keep boasting about their own success instead of praising their subordinates for their good work.

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