Business, like poker, is all about making optimal decisions to position yourself for success. It's exciting to see someone catch the last card to win the hand—but the right decision is usually to avoid that desperate situation altogether.

Today, digital marketing is undergoing the same revolution that poker did a decade ago. For young companies to achieve the growth they crave, their marketing teams must leverage data and software to reduce risk, maximize budget and out-think their competitors trying to do the same.

Consider how much you spend on established tactics versus speculative bets. Do you go all-in on winners or do you maintain spending? In poker, as in marketing, you don't just lose money with a bad hand—you also lose money by not pushing hard on a good one. Balance your budget by extremes. Consider spending a lot on proven successes and little on potential new avenues. Focus on the full funnel, where tests don't always require media spend. Treat cash management like a science to help maximize ROI and identify opportunities for growth.

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