Sixth Sense

Every good leader needs to learn to trust his/her gut, his/her instinct. You need to be able to predict events before they happen. Staying ahead of the curve is absolutely essential and with enough experience, one can definitely get to that point.

Gary Vaynerchuk and a handful of people debated on television as to how important the Internet actually was. When everyone thought it was a fad, they believed that it would shape the future, and this belief was reflected in their results. To have the will to go against the world and trust your own instinct is not easy when you have so much to lose. Everyone was baffled when Instagram was bought by Facebook for 1,000,000,000 US$, but Gary publicly stated that it was a steal. Just the following year Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 16,000,000,000 US$ and the world realized the true value of Instagram.

This just goes to show how important understanding your industry really is, and the invaluable advantage that can give you. Everyone has a sixth sense, you just have to find yours.